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AdvancED STEM Certification

Immaculata is proud to be the FIRST middle school program in North Carolina to earn the distinction of having AdvancED STEM Certification. This certification recognizes our commitment to preparing students for the careers of tomorrow. Cross-curricular design challenges and hands-on learning enhance subject comprehension and retention as well as an appreciation of innovation and curiosity.

PreK-Grade 5 STEM Curriculum

  • STEMscopes - interactive science program developed at Rice University that was “born from the lab and penned by the hands of expert teachers.”

Middle School STEM Curriculum

  • Project Lead the Way - applies technology, science, and engineering to real-world challenges.
  • MakerSpace uses both traditional tools and cutting-edge technology like 3D printers.
  • Discovery Education "Techbooks" - pairing online simulations and in-class labs.
  • Space Center U - challenging five-day program at the Space Center in Houston, that promotes teamwork, problem solving, communication, and engineering solutions to Space-related situations.
  • STEM Speaker Series - professionals who work in STEM fields share their experiences. Students also tour the facilities at places like Precision BioSciences, NCCU Fab Lab, and Burts Bees. 
  • Science Olympiad - competitive club with challenges in earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. 

Before Immaculata, I was only going through the motions of school. But here, I was more engaged with my learning. The hands-on activities really helped open my mind to the excitement of school. -2020 Alum