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Rooted in values, focused for the future

Immaculata Catholic School is a PreK-8 school in Durham, NC. Since 1909, it has been the passion of Immaculata leadership to serve and educate students with a focus on character development, faith formation, and academic excellence. We believe that when children are provided with an innovative education in a nurturing environment, they will grow up to be thoughtful citizens who serve our world. 

Immaculata Way of Life (RISE)

Character development, faith formation, and academic excellence are inseparable at Immaculata Catholic School. All members of the Immaculata community are expected to embrace the following governing principles which promote our way of life:

  • Respect God, self, and others. Recognize that every person has worth and act accordingly. Treat all people and all life with dignity.
  • Be a person of Integrity. Always tell the truth and be responsible for your thoughts and actions.
  • Live a life of Service. Ask, “What can I do for others?” Strive to use your gifts to make the world better for everyone.
  • Produce Exemplary work. Show that you care for God, yourself, and others by consistently doing your best.

Immaculata is a family.  I also think it is a place that has a place for everyone.  We are not just looking for cookie-cutter carbon copies.  We are looking for unique children of God, who live their lives in their own individual way, yet together we make a beautiful family of God-loving, not perfect people.

Jen Stutz, faculty & parent